What is the Delivery Lead time?

24-48 hours advance notice is required for delivery.

What is the minimum quantity for Bulk Delivery?

One Load (25 tons) is required for bulk delivery.

How many tons of bulk salt are included in a load?

Each load is approximately 25 tons.

What is the minimum quantity for Bagged Delivery?

16 Pallets are required per truck load

How many bags per Pallet?

Approximately 49 bags are included per pallet

Can Salt Depot deliver both Bulk and Bagged on same truck?

No, bulk and bagged cannot be combined at this time.

What is the proper method to store bulk salt?

Bulk Salt should be covered on a paves, concrete or raised surface with drainage to remain dry.

Are you open during snow storms?

Yes, we are available 24/7 during snow and ice events

Is pick- up available?

Yes, pick-up for smaller quantities is available.

Are small quantities available?

Yes, contact us for bulk sales by the yard, or by the Bag/Pallet.